The Affiliate Alliance is a network of several CrossFit-affiliated boxes all over the Philippines, established in 2015. Our primary goal is to promote CrossFit and overall fitness in the country. We accomplish this by organizing various fitness competitions and events throughout the year.

The Alliance also utilizes the Affiliate Access program that allows athletes of different Alliance boxes to visit different Affiliates within the network for free. It is simply a revolutionary program that offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility to any CrossFitter. Imagine visiting Cebu or Davao and still be able to do CrossFit! It’s part of our never-ending effort to grow the CrossFit community.

With 14 boxes in our network, we are easily the largest CrossFit community in all of Asia, and we are still growing. If you own a local CrossFit Affiliate and would like to be part of our network, please send us an email via: